Terms & Conditions

  • To secure a booking with RYME Films, a deposit of 1/3 of the package price and a completed booking form where the Terms & Conditions have been read and signed are required.
  • Deposits are non-refundable.
  • The Finished DVDs will not be delivered until the balance has been paid in full prior to posting.
  • The couple will be contacted approx. 2 weeks before the DVD is complete to confirm postal address, ask for balance etc. An exact date, however, will not be given as edit’s take varying length or time (package dependant) and we work in wedding date order.
  • If due to breakdown, illness, injury, accident or any circumstance beyond our control we have withdraw our services at short notice, we will do our utmost to provide you with an alternative Videographer.  Where we are unable to do this, we will issue you with a full refund.
  • RYME Films will accept personal cheques, bank drafts, cash, or Electronic Fund Transfer.  A fee of €20 will apply where any cheques are returned by the bank and your wedding date will no longer be held / secured.
  • RYME Films cannot be held responsible if permission is refused by the church to capture part of the ceremony.  It is the bride and grooms responsibility to ensure permission has been sought and obtained prior to the wedding day. Please note the ceremony in its entirety may not be captured, however all aspects involving the couple, their families, the music and other parts deemed relevant by the videographer will be captured.
  • The Videographer needs to be at the ceremony venue a minimum of 45mins prior to the brides arrival in order to setup his equipment and to capture the guests arriving.  Please note, we like to capture as our final shot the bridal preparations and excitement of the bride in her gown, however, this is wholly dependent on time constraints on the morning itself.
  • The videographer reserves the right to abstain from taking video footage of the entire photo session.  This decision will be taken on the wedding day itself and will be at the discretion of the Videographer.  It is wholly dependent on the photographer’s style and length of time the photo shoot is taking.
  • RYME Films uses the very latest in videography equipment and currently uses DSLR cameras with low-light lenses which enable us to capture almost all atmospheres / lighting. However, in extreme surroundings, such as candlelight or excessive low-light conditions, this may have an impact on the quality of the picture and will not be the responsibilityof RYME Films.
  • Whilst RYME Films strive to ensure all DVD’s are of the highest quality, we cannot be held responsible for circumstances beyond our control such as power failures, equipment failure, card failures and bad weather conditions which could jeopardize our cameras.
  • Online highlight clips, where applicable, will remain online for 3months only. Following this, where required, a charge for hosting will apply.
  • Approximately 10 songs are required by RYME Films for your DVD.   Once the editing process has begun, alterations to your music list will not be accepted.
  • Any alterations required by the bride and groom to completed DVD should be advised to us no later than 7 days from the date you received the finished DVDs.  After this time has elapsed, we will make the assumption that you are fully satisfied with your product and we will remove your footage from our hard drives.
  • Where 3 minute(approx length) Highlight Clip is selected, the music is chosen by RYME Films and not the couple
  • A meal should be provided for the videographer at the reception. (A sit down meal with the guests is NOT required. Normally the videographer will eat in a bar or restaurant adjacent to the main function room while the guests are eating. This is because the videographer is usually there for up to 12 hours and cannot leave the premises due to unexpected changes throughout the day)
  • Travel fees will apply where the driving distance is more than an hour from the videographer’s base to the church and/or reception.
  • Couples will receive 3 copies in Standard DVD format with customized covers and discs. There are usually 2 discs per box to maximize video quality.  It is wholly dependant on the Package selected at time of booking what is included on your finished DVD, please make sure to read the Package content in detail.  All DVDs will include the Ceremony & Main Edit (approx. 10 – 50 mins in length.  Length again dependant on selected package.  Where applicable, Speeches, Dancing and 2 ½ - 4 minute Highlight Clip will also be included.
  • RYME Films will contact you 4 wks before your wedding to confirm all details, times and arrangements. Please do not hesitate to contact us of any changes before this time.
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