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For most of you, your wedding will be the most important day of your life to date, so choosing the right suppliers will come with lots of questions. Below are some of the most common questions I get asked. However, if you still have more questions then feel free to fill out the form below and I will be more than happy to answer them.

What experience do you have?

I have being filming weddings now for around four years, and have shot fantastic weddings all over Ireland, from beech marque weddings to the grandest castles in the land.

What equipment do you use?

All small discreet stuff, my cameras are “Sony DSLR’s” with “Cine Lenses”,  a “DJI Phantom 4 Drone”, my eye in the sky!, “Five tiny Mics” for great audio quality, and my latest high-tech weapon, a “Crane mk2 Steadycam” along with a few other gadgets to help me turn your day into an audiovisual romantic memory.

Do you charge anything for travel?

Generally no, unless your really far away! If so it's only a small charge to cover fuel and extra time traveling.


Normally I need to get to your ceremony location 30mins before you do.

Do you pose the Bride and Groom for shots at the wedding?

No, I don’t pose bride/groom/bridal party at all. I capture the events unfolding throughout your day as naturally as possible, if your photographer is setting up family shots etc, that's fine I won’t interfere with he/she either, I’ll tag along and shoot it too, its all part of your day but generally I never interfere with any part of your day unless you ask me too.

Do we receive the full ceremony video or is it all done in “Highlight” style?

You get a documentary style “Main Edit” usually 20/40 minutes in length. This is the wedding film you will generally watch with your kids and show friends and family. You also get on a separate disk, the full ceremony, full speeches, and full dancing section depending on package chosen. More details can be found in the terms and conditions when booking, also available as an extra is a 2/3 minute highlight clip of your day which can be seen here

Who chooses the music?

For your finished wedding film you do, no point in me choosing a song you hate! The only exception would be the 2/3 min highlight clip which is an extra on the packages, I usually choose the music for this.

How many copies of the video will I receive and can I order extras?

You will receive your wedding film as a HD copy on a USB stick plus a DVD copy on Disk, furthermore, DVD copies are included for both couples parents. Yes, you can order extra!

Can I have my wedding video uploaded on the cloud so I can view on my Smart TV?

Not at the moment, unfortunately where I’m located I don't have very good broadband and so uploading a whole wedding video is not yet practical as a wedding video delivery option, however I have looked into doing it and as soon as it’s possible for me to do so I will offer this as a delivery option for your wedding film.

Will the filming be subtle and unobtrusive?

I film in a discreet manner, that results in your guests being virtually unaware of my presence, this is unobtrusive wedding film making.  My cameras are small, they don’t make noise and don’t have any bright lights. I endeavour to blend in and look just like one of your guests, I’ll dress like a guest and may occasionally steal the odd canapé! 

When will my wedding film be ready?

Usually, I’ll have your finished wedding video ready within 3 months, please refer to the terms and conditions when booking.

What deposit is required to secure my wedding date?

We normally ask for 1/3 of the total package value to book, but we can work around what suits you also.

Where can I see some more of your work?

Wedding videos are private, however, an indication of quality of work can be seen by watching our highlight clips on this website or our page on

Do you have a Drone and do you have a steadycam?

Yes, I have a fantastic 4k video DJI Phantom 4 drone with a maximum height of 400 feet QFE and a range of 500M line of sight.  Yes, I have the latest CRANE mk2 Steadycam for does beautiful motion shots and slow-mo. See terms and conditions for drone and steadycam use. 

If you do not find an answer to your questions here, please contact me for more information.

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